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Planned Giving

Dear Friends,

Each year many patrons of the Tucson Symphony Orchestra remember us in their estate plans. Bequests come in all sizes and the TSO is deeply grateful for each and every one. These gifts herald the fact that many Symphony patrons feel a special bond with the Symphony and think of the TSO as part of their family. As a result they wish to provide for its sustenance much as they want to ensure the future of their own families.

So to our family we send this important message.

When adding to your bequest “I give $XX to the Tucson Symphony Orchestra,” consider including these important words, “for the endowment fund.” Doing so assures that your gift will be invested well and will produce revenue for many years, even generations. This revenue will provide funds to make certain that the TSO thrives and achieves even greater heights of artistic excellence, program innovation, and community engagement.

When you provide for the TSO in your estate plan, please let us know so that we can thank you now, recognize your intentions, and give you the benefits of Juliani Society membership. This way your leadership gift inspires others to do likewise.

Please contact Tom McKinney at (520) 620-9168 for more information on how to include TSO in your estate plan.