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I’ve never been to the symphony before.

What should I know before I go?

  • Concert Courtesies: Please remember to turn off all cell phones and other electronic devices. If you need to be contacted during a performance, please inform the TSO House Manager.
  • Concert Dress: Wear what makes you feel comfortable.
  • Applause: In a multi-movement work, it is customary to wait until the end of the last movement to applaud, to not break the concentration of the performers or distract other concert-goers. When in doubt, follow the lead of the audience members around you.
  • Emergencies: If you must be notified of an emergency during a concert, please leave your seat location (as it appears on your ticket) and the Tucson Music Hall telephone number, (520) 791-4101, at your home or office. An usher will contact you if you receive an emergency message.
  • Late Arrival: Latecomers will be seated by the TSO ushers following the completion of the first work on the program or at another predetermined interval. No seating is allowed while the TSO is performing on stage.