Past Chair, Board of Trustees
Chair, Development Committee

Jim is a retired communications consultant who specialized in issue management and crisis management both in the U.S. and Europe. He grew up in Ohio and California and then “went East” to college (summa cum laude Williams College ’67) and graduate school (Master of Public Affairs, Princeton ’70). Based in New York City for most of his career, he moved his one-person consulting business to Moab, Utah in 1999, proudly displaying a bumper sticker on his car that said “New York, London, Paris, Moab” – all places of residence along the way.

Since retiring in 2007, Jim has been on the Boards of several performance arts organizations, including the Moab Music Festival and Telluride Theatre, and served on his local town council in Utah. He also has assisted a number of arts organizations with strategic planning. Jim and his spouse Jim moved to Tucson in 2016, and he joined the TSO Board in early 2018.

Jim plays the piano and has written a number of 10-minute plays, several of which have been produced. In 2019, he published a novel called Spin, which takes a crisis manager through a fast-moving corporate crisis.