Choose Your Symphony Quarantine House

by Tucson Symphony
Choose Your Symphony Quarantine House

Pick your quarantine house. Each house consists of composers, guest artists, principal musicians and guest soloists from the 20–21 season. This will be a tough one!

House 1 has some powerhouses of the Baroque through late Romantic eras, and have you seen Nemanja Radulović’s hair? It’s gotta have special powers. But this Leshnoff guy with a piece we haven’t heard before? Risky.

House 2 has some composers who really changed history and some of the most powerful women who have been at the front of our stage.

Speaking of power, House 3 has Mahler, enough said. And Anne Gratz’s red shoes. Also, what about the combined power of composer, soloist, and former Young Composer Claire Thai

If you need height, House 4 will help with 6′5″ cellist Amit Peled. And The Beatles are larger than life too. But will there be a power struggle once Hayato Tanaka puts his trumpet to his lips?

Houses 5 and 6 tie at having the most members currently alive (unless you count The Beatles individually, in which case House 4 might have an edge up). So, do you pick House 5 for the man who carries the stick? Or House 6 for the man who has won 25 Grammys and 5 Oscars? And Alana Wiesing might carry the more powerful stick anyway.

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