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Frequently Asked Questions2022-09-29T14:46:16-07:00

Box Office Hours:

10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday
Summer and holiday hours subject to change; see the footer of the web page for details.

Phone Number:

(520) 882-8585

If you have questions or suggestions not addressed below, please feel free to call us or stop by the
Patron Services table in the lobby on concert nights. Enjoy the season!

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a voucher or gift certificate that entitles me to free tickets, how can I redeem it?2017-07-16T16:18:17-07:00

All complimentary ticket vouchers or gift certificates must be redeemed in person at the TSO Box Office, or at the performance.

Do you have group discounts?2022-08-16T13:39:05-07:00

Savings for groups of 10 or more are available for most concerts. For further information, contact the box office at (520) 882-8585 or

What other discounts do you have? Can I get a senior or AAA discount?2022-08-16T13:37:25-07:00

While the Symphony does not offer senior or AAA discounts, we do offer military and student discounts. Full-time college students with a valid student ID card and active-duty military personnel with ID receive a 50% discount on ticket prices when available (some events and tickets may be excluded from discounts). Purchases must be made in person with a valid ID from each person obtaining the discount.

Can I buy a gift certificate for the TSO?2017-07-16T16:19:48-07:00

TSO gift certificates make great gifts and they are available throughout the year for any TSO concert. Please call the TSO Box Office at (520) 882-8585 for details.

Does TSO offer discounts right before a performance, or “rush” tickets?2022-08-16T13:33:45-07:00

Subject to availability, student rush tickets are available for Classic series concerts to students with ID and children under 18 when the box office windows open at the venue. Prices are usually half price of the lowest-priced ticket available, available toward any available seat. One discount is permitted per valid student ID. Call the box office at (520) 882-8585 after Wednesday on concert weeks to confirm student rush ticket availability.

I want to buy tickets the day of show, but the TSO box office is closed. Where can I buy tickets?2019-10-22T16:25:52-07:00

Tickets are available for purchase online up until 2 hours prior to a performance. If you are unable to purchase tickets online, you can purchase them at the venue box office beginning 90 minutes prior to a performance.

I’m hearing impaired. Do you offering listening assisting devices?2022-08-16T12:42:34-07:00

A volume-controllable headset system is available at The Linda Ronstadt Music Hall for hearing-impaired patrons. Headsets are available in the Main Lobby at no charge on a first-come, first-served basis. A driver’s license or credit card is held as a deposit until the headset is returned.

Are refreshments available at TSO performances?2022-08-16T12:41:03-07:00

Vendors selling coffee, soft drinks, cocktails, beer, wine, candy, cookies, and other snacks are available at most concerts at The Linda Ronstadt Music Hall and Catalina Foothills High School. Alcoholic beverages are not available at Catalina Foothills High School. Refreshments are not usually available at Tucson Symphony Center.

I lost my sunglasses (or other personal item) at a show. Where is the Lost & Found?2020-02-08T15:27:22-07:00

Please contact the TSO House Manager immediately following the performance, or call the TSO Box Office at (520) 882-8585 during normal box office hours to check if an item was found by a TSO usher. If your item was found by TCC security, call the Tucson Convention Center at (520) 837-4770.

Where do I park?2022-08-16T12:36:19-07:00

Parking is available at all venues where the TSO performs.

Tucson Convention Center parking lot C is the closest to The Linda Ronstadt Music Hall (entrance on Granada Ave.) and parking lot A (entrance on Church Ave.) is the next closest. TCC lots usually charge $10 per car and can fill up quickly, especially if there are events at other TCC venues at the same time. Other nearby parking include the La Placita parking garage (entrance on Jackson St.) or the State of Arizona parking garage (entrance on Alameda). Other parking lots are within walking distance of The Linda Ronstadt Music Hall, and some are available free of charge.

It may be worth considering parking along the route of the Sunlink Streetcar (at the Mercado District, along Fourth Ave., or near the University) and riding to the Church Ave. stop.

Passenger drop-off is located on the northwest side of The Linda Ronstadt Music Hall (entrance from Granada using Calle Carlos Arruza).

Park Tucson, the City of Tucson’s Parking Manager, has valuable information about other events that may affect parking:

Park Tucson

Parking is available at no cost for all performances taking place at the Catalina Foothills High School.

I’ve never been to the symphony before. What should I know before I go?2023-02-22T11:19:49-07:00
  • Concert Courtesies: Please remember to turn off all cell phones and other electronic devices. If you need to be contacted during a performance, please inform the TSO House Manager.
  • Concert Dress: Wear what makes you feel comfortable.
  • Applause: In a multi-movement work, it is customary to wait until the end of the last movement to applaud, to not break the concentration of the performers or distract other concert-goers. When in doubt, follow the lead of the audience members around you.
  • Emergencies: If you must be notified of an emergency during a concert, please notify the house manager. For concerts at Tucson Convention Center venues, leave your seat location (as it appears on your ticket) and the TCC telephone number, (520) 791-4101, at your home or office. An usher will contact you if you receive an emergency message.
  • Late Arrival: Latecomers will be seated by the TSO ushers following the completion of the first work on the program or at another predetermined interval. No seating is allowed while the TSO is performing on stage.
  • Prohibited Items: The Linda Ronstadt Music Hall and Leo Rich Theatre are controlled by the security and building policies of the Tucson Convention Center. TCC venues have a clear bag policy. The largest non-clear bag allowed is a 8″ × 5″ clutch. All other bags must be clear, no larger than 14″ × 16″. Bags with backpack straps are not permitted. Bags used to transport medical and childcare equipment are allowed exceptions to this rule. All bags are subject to search prior to entry. Outside food and beverages are not permitted.
What if I lose data connectivity or my phone’s battery dies?2020-06-23T10:51:00-07:00

Connectivity may be intermittent at our venues; we encourage you to view your tickets on your phone and add them to your phone’s wallet before heading to the venue.

Tickets previously added to your phone’s wallet are available even when your phone has lost a data connection.

If your battery dies just before you arrive for a performance, visit the box office for assistance.

What should I bring (or not bring) with me to concerts?2023-02-22T11:47:40-07:00

Since space in assembly areas is limited, try to limit the belongings you bring with you to the most necessary items.

If you bring electronic devices that make noise, set them to silent or turn them off during the performance. (And if you turn the sounds back on during intermission, remember to change them back for the second half!)

Tucson Convention Center venues (Linda Ronstadt Music Hall, Leo Rich Theater, and Tucson Arena) have a clear bag policy. The largest non-clear bag allowed is a 8″ × 5″ clutch. All other bags must be clear, no larger than 14″ × 16″. Bags with backpack straps are not permitted. Bags used to transport medical and childcare equipment are allowed exceptions to this rule.

How can I purchase tickets?2022-09-29T14:35:46-07:00
  • Online: Tickets to TSO concerts may be purchased online at For your convenience, you may use your online Account Manager to stay organized and keep track of all your ticket purchases
  • By Phone: Call the TSO Box Office at (520) 882-8585.
  • In Person: The TSO Box Office is located at the Tucson Symphony Center, 2175 N. 6th Avenue (one block south of Grant Road). Walk-up tickets are available at each concert venue beginning 90 minutes prior to the scheduled performance.
  • Methods of Payment: The TSO Box Office accepts cash, check and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express).
How do I add tickets to my phone’s wallet?2022-09-29T14:15:48-07:00

All electronic tickets can be added to Apple Wallet or Google Pay if you would like. This will initiate notifications to remind you about an upcoming concert that will make displaying your tickets quick and easy. When you log into your account and view your tickets, just press the wallet button:

Having problems adding to your wallet?

  • Check your zoom settings. If you have your text size zoomed in, the “Add to Wallet” button may get pushed off the bottom of the screen. Adjust the zoom until the button appears on screen.
  • iPhone users: note that web browsers other than Safari may not support the “Add to Apple Wallet” button. Consider trying the Safari browser if the ticket does not add to your wallet.

The tickets that save to your wallet may save using NFC (near field communication) technology, instead of a visible barcode. To scan a ticket without a visible barcode, just hold your phone near the usher’s ticket scanner:

What is a subscription?2022-09-29T14:36:18-07:00

A subscription is a discounted package of all the concerts in a series. Subscribers value the best seats and fabulous customer service at the deepest discount. Some flexible subscription packages are also available.

Classic series concerts at the Linda Ronstadt Music Hall feature the full orchestra, prominent guest artists, and sometimes the TSO Chorus. Complimentary “Concert Comments” with the conductor and guest artist take place one hour before the performance and give insight into what you’re about to hear.

Dynamic entertainers from jazz, pop, and more play a variety of music with the Tucson Symphony Orchestra in the SuperPops series. You’ll come out of the Linda Ronstadt Music Hall singing, and you’ll want to see them all!

Our Masterworks series brings you vibrant performances in an intimate setting. Our Masterworks concerts are presented at Catalina Foothills High School. The venue features plenty of free parking and is conveniently located for our Foothills and Oro Valley patrons. Complimentary “Concert Comments” with the conductor and guest artist take place one hour before the performance and give insight into what you’re about to hear.

The TSO Up Close series at Tucson Symphony Center brings you closer to our musicians. Hear smaller and more unusual groups of instruments and experience something delightful, and perhaps unexpected or unusual.

What if I don’t use a digital wallet app on my phone?2022-09-29T14:48:10-07:00

If you have a reliable data connection, you can certainly view your tickets without needing to use a wallet app on your phone.

Wallet apps, such as Apple Wallet and Google Pay, can be used for tickets even if you do not use those apps for contactless payment services. Since they do not require an active data connection to display the tickets, we recommend using them. They will also provide notifications before event times which makes displaying the tickets easy to use.

Screenshots of tickets are not valid, since the displayed barcode changes periodically as part of the ticket encryption technology.

Why subscribe?2022-09-29T14:36:48-07:00
  • Guaranteed Reserved Seats
    Full and partial series subscribers receive priority for the best reserved seats available. Know exactly where your seats are from year to year!
  • Discounts on Single Tickets:
    Subscribers can buy most tickets to subscription series concerts at a discount over the single-event price. Discounts may not apply to all seats and some programs may be excluded. Restrictions apply.
  • Concert Specials:
    Subscribers can purchase Specials when they order a subscription, long before tickets go on sale to the public, always securing the best seats.
  • Subscriber Courtesy Month:
    Subscribers receive the first chance to purchase the best seats to any TSO concerts performed during the season before tickets go on sale to the general public! During this month, you may purchase or exchange tickets to any of the great TSO performances.
  • 100% Season-Ticket Refunds:
    If you are unable to attend the series you have purchased, return your tickets 2 weeks before the first concert in the series and you can get a 100% refund for the entire series (service fees excluded).
  • Flexible Ticket Exchanges:
    As a subscriber, you may exchange tickets for many other performances at no extra charge. Exchanges are limited by venue and series purchased. While there are no exchange fees, upgrade fees may apply. Excludes Specials.
  • Can’t make your concert and don’t want to exchange your tickets or cannot find a friend to use them? Get tax credit!
    Turn your subscription tickets into the Box Office up to 24 hours prior to a performance and receive a tax-deductible receipt. Another music-lover will then have a chance to hear the TSO. Donated tickets do not count toward calculation of donor level benefits.
If I have more than one ticket for a concert, do I have to present all the tickets at the same time?2022-09-29T14:32:29-07:00

All active electronic tickets for a performance associated with your TSO account will be displayed and available to be scanned for entry. All patrons should enter at the same time using the tickets displayed via your TSO account or saved to your phone’s wallet. If members of your party are arriving separately, just transfer the tickets they will be using to them in advance.

Why won’t my ticket barcode scan?2022-09-29T14:32:51-07:00

If your screen brightness is too low, the barcode may have difficulty being scanned. Increase the brightness of your display to improve scanning. Copies of barcodes, screenshots or print outs will not be accepted.

If you add your tickets to your phone’s wallet, it may use near-field communication (NFC) technology instead of an on-screen barcode, eliminating the need to worry about your screen’s brightness—just hold your phone next to the usher’s scanner.

What’s up with ticket fees?2022-09-29T14:37:42-07:00

Sometimes the price you pay exceeds the face price of your ticket.

Tickets for concerts at Tucson Convention Center venues are subject to a $1–2 facility user fee, in compliance with City of Tucson Ordinances Nos. 8559 and 10688. This facility user fee is unavoidable.

Tickets purchased online or by phone are subject to service and order processing charges that vary based on the type and price of ticket purchased. Subscription packages generally have the lowest service charges and individual events have the largest service charges, but a portion of the service fees will scale based on price. These charges offset the costs of ticketing software, credit card processing, ticket handling, shipping, and support.

If you buy tickets offered from a reseller, the reseller will set the price and may retain some or all of the service charges. We recommend only buying authorized resale tickets available through, since we cannot verify tickets purchased from other resellers.

In-person purchases at the box office will waive all service charges except the portion toward credit card processing. In-person purchases paid by cash or check will have all service charges discounted to zero.

Ticket prices are always subject to change due to demand. Tickets purchased at the venue just before a performance begins are usually higher priced than tickets purchased in advance.

My tickets are being held at “will call.” How do I get my tickets?2022-09-29T14:38:38-07:00

If your tickets are being held at will call, they will be available at the box office window or desk beginning 90 minutes prior to your performance. Ask for the tickets being held under the name you requested. If you would like to pick up a larger quantity of tickets, visit the box office during office hours and request to pick up any tickets waiting for future performances.

What if I cannot see my tickets after I log into my account?2022-09-29T14:33:56-07:00

If you are logged into your account and still do not see your tickets, please go to the box office or contact us at or (520) 882-8585.

When will subscription tickets be mailed?2022-09-29T14:39:19-07:00

Subscription tickets are mailed to arrive by September. Subscription tickets purchased after the initial mailing will be sent within 2 weeks of the order date; subscription tickets purchased less than 10 business days before the first concert will be held at will call or electronic tickets may be requested.

Can I use a screenshot of my ticket?2022-09-29T14:53:11-07:00

No, because the barcode changes periodically. If you are worried about whether there will be reliable data or Wi-Fi at the venue, add your tickets to your phone’s wallet. Both Apple Wallet and Google Pay will save your tickets even if your phone is offline.

When are individual tickets mailed?2022-09-29T14:39:41-07:00

Tickets for individual performances are normally mailed within 10 business days after your ticket order is received. In the case of orders received 10 or fewer business days before a concert, tickets be available at the performance venue’s will call window beginning 90 minutes prior to the performance, or electronic tickets can be used.

When I retrieve a ticket on my phone, will it invalidate tickets that were previously printed on paper?2022-09-29T14:34:54-07:00

In most cases, yes. If tickets were already printed, viewing them electronically from your TSO Account treat the tickets as being reprinted. Only the most recent printing of a ticket (either mobile or paper) can be used for entry.

Can tickets be sent to a different address?2022-09-29T14:41:25-07:00

Yes, when you make your purchase be sure to specify the mailing address. Many of our patrons have different addresses during the summer months, and we are happy to accommodate them.

Are children allowed to attend the symphony? How much are child tickets?2022-09-29T14:40:49-07:00

We love children. When it comes to bringing children to the symphony we defer to the judgement of their parents and/or guardians. All children under the age of 18 are eligible to receive a 50% discount on ticket prices. Child tickets can be purchased online, over the phone, or in person. Some events and seating areas are not available for discounts.

I use a wheelchair. What do I need to know about accessibility at TSO events?2022-09-29T14:41:56-07:00

The TSO offers wheelchair access to every event. Ushers will assist with directions and any accommodations. When purchasing your tickets online, apply the accessibility slider to view available accessible seating. When buying in person or over the phone, request wheelchair-accessible seating and adjacent seating for your companions. Companion seating may be removeable seats (upholstered similarly to the permanent seats) or may be in the permanent seats nearest the wheelchair spaces. Please note that wheelchairs are not provided at the venues.

For general admission venues without permanent seating, ask an usher to remove chairs from the area where you would like to sit to make space for wheelchair seating.

Some aisle seats with moveable armrests are designated as suitable for persons with limited mobility.

Anyone using a walker should speak with an usher to find a suitable place to stow the walker during the performance that will not create a safety hazard or block egress for other patrons. If you use a walker that can be used as a seat during a performance, consider purchasing a wheelchair-accessible seat location.

The entrance to the balcony on the third floor of The Linda Ronstadt Music Hall is between rows G and H. All balcony seats require stairs (2 steps down to row G, 6 steps up to row H, and 2 more steps per row in either direction). Handrails along all staircases were installed during the 2021 renovation. The wheelchair-accessible seats in the balcony are only accessible by elevator, and the approach into the balcony is a ramp somewhat more steep than would be permitted in contemporary building construction.

At Catalina Foothills High School, all the seats in the Tiered Orchestra and Loge sections require stairs (3 steps per row starting with row R; the Loge is 21 steps up and a short walk to the loges themselves). Handrails are available along all staircases.

Parking for vehicles with disabled parking permits is available at all venues on a first-come, first-served basis. For performances at The Linda Ronstadt Music Hall, Parking Lot C (enter from Granada Avenue) has many disabled parking spaces both inside the garage and in the surface lot.

I can’t attend a performance I already have tickets to. What can I do?2022-09-29T14:42:38-07:00

Most tickets can be exchanged for another performance. You can also transfer them to a friend, or—if you’re a subscriber—you can donate them back to the TSO and we”ll recognize the value as a contribution. Call the box office for details at (520) 882-8585.

How do I exchange my tickets?2022-09-29T14:43:13-07:00
  • In person bring your tickets to exchange in person at the TSO Box Office, 2175 N. 6th Ave. during scheduled Box Office hours.
  • By phone at (520) 882-8585 during scheduled Box Office hours.
  • Online by logging into your subscriber account and using Account Manager online, you can exchange tickets, turn your tickets in for a tax credit (donate), and even forward tickets to a friend!
  • Tickets must be exchanged 48 hours prior to performances. Refer to or call the Box Office for changes in hours due to holiday or concert schedules.

It is not necessary for you to return your unused tickets to the Box Office. After an exchange is completed, simply throw your old tickets away!

I’m not a subscriber, can I still exchange my tickets?2022-09-29T14:43:35-07:00

Yes, but your exchange will be subject to a $5.00 per ticket exchange fee. Some restrictions apply.

I lost my tickets! What now?2022-09-29T14:44:19-07:00

Misplaced your tickets? Call or visit the TSO Box Office and we will replace them at no charge! We will also replace them on the day of the concert at the concert venue.

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