2021–2022 Ticketing FAQ2021-06-01T15:47:04-07:00

2021–2022 Ticketing FAQ

When will I be able to buy tickets to 2021–2022 concerts?2021-06-01T15:00:30-07:00

Once we’ve finalized the safety protocols that will be in place for a concert, we will put it on sale. This will probably be 2–3 months before the concert, but could happen earlier. TSO subscribers can get tickets now. Make sure to sign up for the Concert Alerts email subscription to get the first updates about new available tickets.

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Will I have to wear a mask at concerts?2021-06-01T15:00:30-07:00

Maybe. We will let you know when tickets are on sale. If the venues will require masks because either the public health experts recommend it, or if a significant portion of the audience would feel safer if everyone in the audience is wearing masks, we will require it. If we announce masks will be required when tickets go on sale, they will be required when the concert happens, even if public health or community guidance changes during the intervening time. If masks are considered voluntary depending on vaccination status, please wear a mask if it is recommended for you.

How will I know if the other audience members around me are healthy and safe?2021-06-01T15:00:29-07:00

To be honest, you won’t. There is always risk associated with assembling in a public space. While survey data indicates that 96% of our audience (and 95% of surveyed orchestra audiences nationally) has received a COVID-19 vaccination, it is not 100%. We may require ticket buyers complete a health survey or be subject to health screenings before entering a venue. Any such requirements will be communicated when you purchase tickets. If your health puts you at high risk for either contracting or transmitting an illness, please stay home. Contact the box office and we will happily exchange your tickets, credit your account for a future performance, or consider your purchase a tax-deductible donation.

Is it actually safe for all the musicians on stage?2021-06-01T15:00:29-07:00

Just like our audience, we will keep our musicians as safe as we can. Programs and artists are always subject to change, and if we need to perform music that requires fewer musicians on stage to keep everyone safe, we will make that change.

Are all the seats available to purchase?2021-06-01T15:00:29-07:00

Maybe. If venues require it because either the public health experts recommend it, or if a significant portion of the audience would feel safer if the audience is kept to lower than full capacity, we will limit the available seats. Seats that are unavailable for purchase will be marked on online seating maps and restricted inside the venue. You may also be required to select a pod of seats equal to your exact party size.

I have gift certificate credit from a previous concert that was canceled. How do I use it?2021-06-01T15:00:28-07:00

Call the box office at (520) 882-8585. We can redeem your credit when tickets go on sale.

Is the concert space going to be clean and safe?2021-06-01T15:00:28-07:00

Tucson Convention Center venues are managed by ASM Global, which has deployed their VenueShield program at TCC venues (and 325 venues around the world). They will maintain environmental hygiene, including in restrooms and for food and beverage service.

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What if a concert gets canceled again?2021-06-01T15:00:28-07:00

If we are unable to perform a concert as scheduled, we will attempt to reschedule it for a future date. All tickets to the original concert date will be valid for the rescheduled date. For concerts that are canceled and not rescheduled, the value of tickets can, upon request, be converted into a tax-deductible donation to TSO, retained as account credit for a future TSO performance, or refunded to the original method of payment.

I paid for a subscription to the 2020–21 season. Which concerts will I get for the 2021–22 season, since I already paid?2021-06-01T15:00:27-07:00

Whichever ones you want! Subscribers can get tickets now. Ticket prices for subscribers will be discounted to the same as the prices you paid for a 2020–21 subscription if you choose the same series and seating price area. Call the box office to get tickets and we will apply the credit from your previous purchase to your new tickets.

I donated the value of my 2020–21 subscription to TSO. Did I lose my subscription?2021-06-01T15:00:27-07:00

Of course not! You will be offered tickets just like all other subscribers. The only difference is you do not have credit to apply, so you will pay for your tickets discounted at the subscriber price.

I did not renew my subscription in 2020–21 or I requested a full refund. Did I lose my subscription?2021-06-01T15:00:27-07:00

If you did not pay for, or donate the value of, a 2020–21 subscription, you will not have the benefits of a current subscriber during the 2021–22 season unless you renew your subscription in 2021–22. Subscribers from the 2019–20 season will also be offered a subscription renewal for the 2022–23 season.

Will I lose my seats forever if I’m not yet ready to return to live performances?2021-06-01T15:00:26-07:00

Absolutely not. Since we understand that the decision to return to live performances is a very personal one, we are not requiring subscribers to come to performances during the 2021–22 season. If you are comfortable returning early, please come as early and often as you like. We will offer all subscribers from the 2019–20 season the chance to renew their subscription for the 2022–23 season, regardless of what you choose to do in 2021–22.

I don’t think I will come to as many concerts in the 2021–22 season as I paid for in 2020–21. What happens to the money I paid?2021-06-01T15:00:26-07:00

Similar to not losing your seats, you also won’t lose your money. Any value left from your subscription purchase can be used toward future tickets, even toward 2022–23 subscriptions when they are available to purchase. You may also convert any amount of your purchase into a tax-deductible donation. Call the box office at (520) 882-8585 if you have questions about how much credit you have left on your account, or if you would like to convert a purchase into a donation.

There was a guest artist or piece of music I was really excited about that isn’t coming back in the 2021–22 season! Why can’t I see the program I was looking forward to?2021-06-01T15:00:25-07:00

While we certainly tried to get as many guest artists back as possible, some were not available during the 2021–22 season; one previously-scheduled guest artist, sadly, passed away in 2020. We will certainly attempt to get as many planned guest artists as we can back to Tucson in future seasons. If a guest artist wasn’t available, the rest of the planned music on the program likely changed too. Just like the artists, we also hope to program any music we missed during future seasons.

I have a complimentary subscription. Do I still get tickets to the 2021–22 season?2021-06-01T15:00:25-07:00

We will not have complimentary tickets available for any concert limited to a reduced-capacity audience. For any full-capacity concert you normally would receive complimentary tickets, contact the box office when tickets are on sale.

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