DEADLINE: mail your check & tax credit form to the TSO no later than December 31st January 31, 2022 (deadline extended!) This will ensure that each school will have the funds they need to attend spring concerts.

The TSO & Tax Credit

Tax credit is a dollar for dollar reduction on the taxes you owe the state of Arizona.

Tax credit dollars raised through the TSO tax credit initiative go directly to public schools choosing to participate in TSO education programs, to ensure that all students have the opportunity to participate and to supplement funding from Title I schools and those in underserved areas.

TSO Tax Credit Form


  • Southside Community School (Aprender)
  • Presidio School (Charter School)
  • Legacy Traditional School Northwest Tucson (Charter School)
  • Estes Elementary School (Marana)

*TUSD schools will NOT accept checks written from trust accounts.

To make an ONLINE contribution to TUSD schools, follow this link, type “TSO Education Programs” in the memo line, complete the tax credit form below, and email both your form and online payment receipt to

TSO Tax Credit Form

TSO Public School Tax Credit Information:

How Much Can I Contribute?

The maximum amount you can contribute to the Public School Tax Credit is:
$400 – married, filing jointly
$200 – married, filing separately
$200 – single/unmarried head of household
You may give to more than one school, as long as the total does not exceed the maximum allowed.

Contributing to the Public School Tax Credit program is separate from and does not affect maximum contributions to the Working Poor or Private School Tuition Tax Credit programs. This is not a donation to the Tucson Symphony Orchestra.

How Do I Contribute?

CHOOSE a school that has applied for TSO Tax Credit assistance
MAKE your check payable TO THE SCHOOL you’ve chosen.
WRITE “TSO Education Programs” on the memo line.
MAIL your check & tax credit form to the TSO.

For more information, contact or (520) 620-9173.