When your Tucson Symphony Orchestra last performed Copland’s Our Town in January 2019, we had a surprise in store for the audience. In honor of our 90th anniversary, we compiled archival photos of Tucson Symphony Orchestra and Tucson. These images were edited together and played on our big screen as the musicians performed Copland’s serene score.

This touching tribute was put together by Pat Joslyn, TSO’s VP of Artistic Planning. Prior to putting the presentation together, Pat moved across the country to her new home, Southern Arizona. She describes what is what it felt like to experience the piece in the concert hall,

The first time I saw it I was thrilled. When we showed it at the concert I got teary. So many of the patrons were emotional. It really helped me connect to my new community.

Tucson is our town, and this video and its reception realizes our vision of creating a community where music is the catalyst that brings people together across all boundaries for inspired living. It shows how we fulfill our mission to engage, educate and transform our community through live musical experiences.

Your Tucson Symphony Orchestra’s rendition of Our Town and this video were only presented to audiences during that concert weekend. For the first time, we are able to share it digitally with you! Enjoy it while you can, it will only be available for a limited time.

We look forward to the return of your Tucson Symphony Orchestra – the return of live music. The suspension of performances has created an unexpected financial strain. If you find yourself able, please make a donation to show your support. Your gift will be put to immediate good use and provide critical relief to the whole organization.

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