Would you be more excited about digital performances if you didn’t have to watch hunched over your computer or squinting at your tiny phone screen? So would we! So pop some popcorn, pour yourself a tasty beverage, find the comfy spot on the couch, and listen to your Tucson Symphony Orchestra!

If you use a streaming stick, player, or TV powered by Roku or Amazon Fire TV, just add the TSO channel!

Get the Roku TSO Channel
Get the Amazon Fire TV TSO Channel

For other platforms, since our videos are powered by Vimeo, there are just a few quick steps:

1. Sign In to Vimeo. Or create an account if you don’t already have one.

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2. Follow Tucson Symphony Orchestra so new videos will automatically appear in your feed.
(Just select “+ Follow” when you land on our page.)

Follow TSO on Vimeo

3. Add the Vimeo app to your smart TV and/or phone.
(On whichever platform you use.)

Apple TV: Search for “Vimeo” in the App Store
Android TV: Search for “Vimeo” in the Google Play Store
Chromecast: Search for the Vimeo app on your phone. You will be able to cast videos from the phone app directly to your TV.

4. Sign into Vimeo on your smart TV app.
(Once you are signed into your Vimeo account, all the channels you follow will show up in your feed.)