We Stand in Solidarity on Blackout Tuesday

by Tucson Symphony
We Stand in Solidarity on Blackout Tuesday

Your Tucson Symphony Orchestra believes that music is a catalyst that brings people together across all boundaries. We believe that music has the ability to unite and connect us to the depths of our humanity. It helps us to heal and helps us understand who we are and who we hope to be.

Tomorrow, June 2, 2020, we will take part in Blackout Tuesday, a music industry-wide effort to recognize the injustices that impact the Black Community. Employees are encouraged to take the day to reconnect with our community as a time of action, intended to provoke accountability and change. As we move forward, the Tucson Symphony Orchestra will continue to use our art to carry messages of inclusion, equality and universality.

TSO staff and musicians will share this day to reflect on the recent heartbreaking events and to stand in solidarity with communities targeted by discrimination.


Steven P. Haines
President and CEO