Meet the Administrative Staff of the Tucson Symphony Orchestra

Executive Staff

Paul Meecham
President & CEO
520.620.9168 Contact
Muriel Bruyn
Executive Assistant & Board Liaison
520.620.9151 Contact

Finance Staff

Paula Egan
Vice President of Finance
520.620.9170 Contact
Cynthia Osusky
520.620.9164 Contact
Beverly Olson
Payroll and Benefits Administrator
520.620.9174 Contact

Development Staff

Eric Lind
Vice President of Philanthropy
520.620.9153 Contact
Sandra Um
Director of Philanthropy
520.620.9177 Contact
Brett Johnson
Corporation, Foundation, and Government Relations Manager
520.620.9166 Contact
Caroline Bell
Development Associate
520.620.9169 Contact

Marketing Staff

Gina Compitello
Chief Marketing Officer
520.620.9160 Contact
Alissa Shear
Marketing Assistant
520.620.9159 Contact
Greg Campbell
Director of Patron Data and Analytics
520.620.9161 Contact
Sean Bresemann
Ticketing Services Representative
520.882.8585 Contact
Quinn Smalley
Ticketing Services Representative
520.882.8585 Contact
Rebecca Riley
House Manager
Jessica Caraballo
Content Development and Social Media Manager
520.620.9158 Contact

Artistic Planning and Operations Staff

Patricia Joslyn
Senior Vice President of Administration, Operations, and Artistic Planning
520.620.9172 Contact
Jeremy Softley
Operations Manager
520.620.9152 Contact
Benjamin Nisbet
Artistic Administrator
520.620.9156 Contact
Katie Nakanishi
Orchestra Librarian
520.620.9154 Contact
Christopher Herman
Orchestra Personnel Manager
Stacey Hubert
Production Manager
520.620.9155 Contact
Laura Cásarez
Library Assistant

Education Staff

Andrew O’Neal
Director of Education and Community Engagement
520.620.9167 Contact
Lara Somers
Education Manager
520.620.9172 Contact
Betsy Bright
Composition Instructor, Young Composers Project
Zachary Van Houten
Composition Instructor, Young Composers Project
Vincent Calianno
Composition Instructor, Young Composers Project

Administrative Office


Hours: Monday – Friday from 9:00 Am – 5:00 PM.

For online ticket purchasing questions, please contact the Box Office.