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In 2023-2024, over 8,500 students from 75 schools joined the Tucson Symphony Orchestra for KinderKonzerts and Young Peoples Concerts, and 33 schools received three visits from the TSO String Quintet, Wind Quintet and Brass Quintet throughout the school year. Through the Arizona state tax credit program, many schools participated completely free!

When you sign your school up to participate in a TSO education program, you are given the option to sign up for tax credit support from members of the TSO community. We advertise to our extended community through throughout the year and to our weekly audiences through our concert programs that your school is participating in TSO education programs to encourage tax credit donations that reduce or completely eliminate all financial barrier to entry to your school or district.

Please contact the TSO education team if you have any questions.

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Eligible Programs

The following TSO Education programs can be funded through Arizona tax credit support:

Arizona Tax Credit Assistance FAQ

What TSO programs can be funded by Tax Credit contributions?

Most TSO education programs can be funded by Tax Credit contributions, including Music in the Schools, KinderKonzerts, Young Peoples Concerts and Band and Orchestra Clinics.

When should I sign up to receive contributions?

If you are signed up for one of the qualifying programs and want to receive Tax Credit contributions, sign up as early as possible!

How will my school be advertised to tax credit donors?

You school will be listed on the TSO Tax Credit Website, included in some TSO program books, and periodically announced by email and social media to the TSO community.

What happens if my school is not fully funded?

While TSO has had tremendous success in recent years fully funding most schools’ requests, there is the possibility that we do not raise 100% of your request. In this case, your school/district is responsible for the remainder of the cost. You can reduce the number of seats you have reserved for KinderKonzerts and Young Peoples Concerts if needed.

What happens if my school is over-funded?

This is a great problem, and happens regularly! While we tend to remove schools from our list once they are fully funded, many will be over-funded by $100-300. This money can be carried over to the next year (a maximum of two school years, this year and next). Or, consider bringing more students to KinderKonzerts and Young Peoples Concerts!

Can I know my school’s funding status?

Yes – contact the TSO Education Team at any time for up-to-date information.

For Community Members

Learn more about the Arizona Public School Tax Credit, including which local schools have requested funds, and make a contribution to support music education in your community! Thank you!

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