How will I receive my tickets?
  • Electronic tickets:
    • If you buy online, the default choice is electronic tickets. Your phone is your ticket! Log into your account from your phone, and the ticket will appear on screen. If you buy from the box office, we can send a text message with your ticket.
    • If you like, you can add your electronic tickets to Apple Wallet or Google Wallet.
    • Please note that screenshots of electronic tickets are not valid, since the ticket uses Ticketmaster Safetix technology, which changes the barcode every 15 seconds. This technology helps us avoid fraud and counterfeiting.
    • If you have technical trouble at the venue, approach the box office windows or desk for assistance.
  • Will Call tickets:
    • If you request will call, your tickets will be available at the venue box office starting 90 minutes before each performance. If you would like to pick up will call tickets far in advance, visit the box office at 2175 North 6th Avenue during business hours.
  • Mailed tickets:
    • If you request mailed tickets during the same season the event is happening, the tickets will be mailed within 5 days of the order. If you buy subscription tickets in advance, the tickets will be mailed in August. If your seasonal residence or travel plans change, let the box office know the best address for an August delivery.
    • Mail delivery is not available later than two weeks before an event.
I have my friends’ tickets, but they are running late. What do I do?
  • If you have electronic tickets, you can transfer some of the tickets directly to your friend.
  • If you have paper tickets, approach the box office on your way into the venue. Let us know the names of the persons who will pick them up, and let your friends know to ask for their tickets at the will call window or desk.
  • Latecomers may miss the first piece on the program, but the ushers will help latecomers into the hall at the most appropriate time.
What’s up with ticket fees?
  • Sometimes the price you pay exceeds the face price of your ticket.
  • Tickets for concerts at Tucson Convention Center venues are subject to a $1–2 facility user fee, in compliance with City of Tucson Ordinances Nos. 8559 and 10688. This facility user fee is unavoidable.
  • Tickets purchased online or by phone are subject to service and order processing charges that vary based on the type and price of ticket purchased. Subscription packages generally have the lowest service charges and individual events have the largest service charges, but a portion of the charges will scale based on price. These charges offset the costs of ticketing software, credit card processing, ticket handling, shipping, and support.
  • If you buy tickets offered from a reseller, the reseller will set the price and may retain some or all of the service charges. We recommend only buying authorized resale tickets available through, since we cannot verify tickets purchased from other resellers.
  • In-person purchases at the box office will waive all service charges except the portion toward credit card processing. In-person purchases paid by cash or check will have all service charges discounted to zero.
  • Ticket prices are always subject to change due to demand. Tickets purchased at the venue just before a performance begins are usually priced higher than tickets purchased in advance.
Are discounts available?
  • Subscription packages usually offer the most generous regular discount.
  • Other discount offers may be available. Sign up for emails and follow us on social media to see special offers you may not find other places!
  • For most concerts, a discount is offered for children under 18, students with valid ID, and active-duty military personnel with valid ID. Discounts vary, but are usually 50% off the full-price ticket.
  • For most concerts, a discount is available for groups of 10 or more tickets. Discounts vary, but are usually 10% off for a group of 10 and 20% off for a group of 25. Email the box office to inquire about group discounts.
  • Rush tickets for students with ID and children under 18 are available at most Classic series concerts at the Linda Ronstadt Music Hall. Prices are usually 50% off the lowest-priced ticket available, available toward any available seat. One discount is permitted per valid student ID. Call the box office the Wednesday on concert weeks to confirm the availability of student rush tickets for the weekend’s concerts.
Can I exchange my tickets?
  • Yes! If you are a subscriber, we have a generous exchange policy. Most concerts can be exchanged for most other concerts at the same venue, and sometimes even to concerts at other venues. You only pay the difference in price (if any) to make an exchange. If you don’t have subscription tickets, exchanges may be available, but may be subject to service charges. As the end of each season approaches, the events available to exchange into may become very limited.
  • Exchanges can be made online, by phone, or in person.