Board of Trustees

//Board of Trustees
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Over the years community leaders have stepped up to provide guidance to the Tucson Symphony.
We are extremely grateful to our Trustees for their leadership.

BOARD OF TRUSTEES 2018-19 [José Luis Gomez, Music Director]


Autumn Van Den Berg, Board Chair
Michael Bylsma, Vice-Chair
Cecile Follansbee, Past Chair
Claudette Pippin, Treasurer
Karen Bahnick, Secretary


Carl Bowser, Trustee
Tom Elliott, Trustee
Deanna Evenchik-Brav, Trustee
Mary Jo Ghory, Trustee
Brina Grusin, Trustee
Jim Lindheim, Trustee
John Palmer, Trustee/Audit Committee Chair
Gretchen Price, Trustee
Coppélia Samaha, Trustee
Patricia Schwabe, Trustee
Angie Smith, Trustee
Peter Smith, Trustee
Jack Wahl, Trustee

Ex-Officio Trustees

José Luis Gomez, Ex Offico (Music Director)
Sue Ostermeyer, Ex Officio (President, TSOL)
Carlie Rigg, Ex Officio (TSOMO)
Rebecca Sundt, Ex Officio (Cotillion)

Conflict of Interest Policy (PDF)

The TSO’s Board of Trustees has been led by the following people:

1939-1940 Mrs. E. W. Flaccus
1943-1944 Otho Books
1944-1950 Grant Howard
1950-1951 Alfred Atkinson
1952-1953 Cornelia DuBois
1953-1955 Holden W. Olsen
1955-1957 Hy Copins
1957-1959 Fred Armstrong
1959-1961 Albert Goorwitch
1961-1963 Mr. C. M. Wright
1963-1965 Eugene Steinheimer
1965-1967 Mr. C. Van Haaften
1967-1968 William H. Smith
1968-1969 Jean Goorwitch

1969-1970 Richard P. Knight
1970-1973 Norman W. Salmon
1973-1975 Jerome S. Shull
1975-1977 Paul H. Skinner
1977-1979 Earl Kai Chann
1979-1980 Jerome Shull
1980-1981 Barbara von Teuber
1981-1983 Thomas L. Roof Jr.
1983-1984 Shirley Chann
1984-1985 Helen S. Schaefer
1985-1986 John F. Kofron
1986-1988 George Miraben
1988-1990 Sally Drachman
1990-1991 Solomon Pan

1991-1994 John McLaughlin
1994-1996 George Steele
1996-1998 Sandy Goodsite
1998-1999 H. Eugene Jones
1999-2001 Nina C.Masek
2001-2003 Jocelyn K. Clark
2003-2005 Gary L. Gethmann
2005-2007 Patricia Bjorhovde
2007-2009 Nancy J. March
2009-2011 Erwin Kratz
2011-2014 Barbara R. Levy
2014-2016 Bonnie Kampa
2016-2018 Cecile Follansbee
2018-present Autumn van den Berg