Join the Juliani Legacy Society!

If music is one of the great joys in your life, it’s easier than you might think to pass it on to future generations.

It can be as simple as including the TSO in your will or designating the TSO as one of the beneficiaries of an IRA or life insurance policy.  Many donors designate a percentage of their estate or assets, which allows them to continue supporting the TSO alongside their family.  

The Juliani Legacy Society, named for the co-founder of TSO Harry O. Juliani, was established in 1999 to recognize individuals who have made a planned gift to the TSO or have given a current gift of $10,000 or more to the TSO Endowment Fund.

“As Juliani Legacy Society members we feel part of the larger TSO ‘family’ that enriches the Tucson community in so many ways. We’re excited about the future of our TSO!”

— Tim Wernette and Carolyn Brown

Ready to Learn More?

Please email Sandy Um, Director of Philanthropy or call 520.620.9177. 

The TSO always recommends that you seek independent legal, estate, and financial advice to determine the giving vehicles that are best for you. 

Financial Information

Legal name:  Tucson Symphony Society
Federal Tax ID Number: 86-0107538
Located in: Tucson, Arizona