President and Chief Executive Officer

The President and Chief Executive Officer of the Tucson Symphony Orchestra (TSO) will lead the organization in the deliverance of its mission and vision. In tandem with the Board of Trustees, the President and CEO will develop and oversee the implementation of goals and strategies that advance artistic excellence, ensure financial stability, maximize community relevance, and ensure organizational efficiency. In collaboration with the Music Director and staff, the President and CEO will create the necessary resources, then communicate and implement a programmatic vision that ensures that the TSO has a significant impact in Southern Arizona and is positioned as a leader among symphony orchestras.

The President and CEO will be a highly visible representative of the Tucson Symphony and have an active local presence to build a strong brand identity and relevance to the community. The successful candidate will be responsible for relationship management among the organization’s constituent groups—staff and musicians, local arts and culture organizations, subscribers, funders, government and civic leaders, the Honorary Council, the TSO League and other partners—to advance the mission and vision of the TSO.

The President and Chief Executive Officer will report to the Board of Trustees. The President and CEO shall have principal responsibility for management of the TSO, including the engagement and supervision of the professional administrative staff.

Primary Responsibilities and Critical Elements of the Position

Ensure Financial Stability

A critical element of the position is ensuring the organization’s financial stability and strength through prudent management of resources, adherence to approved budgets, and aggressive fundraising.

The President and Chief Executive Officer will, among other things:

  • Actively engage in the development and implementation of fundraising goals and strategies;
  • Aggressively seek out, cultivate, and steward relationships with potential and existing donors, including individuals, foundations, corporate partners, volunteers and support organizations;
  • Lead and actively participate, as key strategist and partner, in the cultivation, stewardship, solicitation and retention of individual and institutional supporters, planned giving, and related activities;
  • Oversee customer-focused marketing and public relations strategies to achieve earned and unearned revenue goals;
  • Ensure a strong multi-year (three year) budgeting and forecasting system, including programming costs, operating, and capital expenses;
  • Involve and coach the senior staff’s participation in this process;
  • Ensure the development of a balanced annual budget, and the development and maintenance of three-year projections;
  • Oversee the regular preparation and presentation of clear and comprehensive reports for the Treasurer, Finance Committee, and Board on financial activities and issues; and
  • Ensure the establishment and implementation of prudent financial policies and procedures, that timely audits are conducted annually, and that audit recommendations are implemented.

Advance Artistic Excellence

Excellence in performance and artistry is central to the success of the TSO; a critical element of the position is being an active partner in doing what is necessary to advance and ensure the TSO’s success in this regard.

The President and Chief Executive Officer will, among other things:

  • Collaborate with the Music Director, key staff, and the Board to devise and execute a comprehensive strategy to strengthen and expand the TSO audience and funding bases to sustain organizational growth, including live and virtual performances, education activities, and special events;
  • Oversee the development of community partnerships and education services;
  • Maintain positive relationships with orchestra personnel;
  • Maintain a strong working knowledge of symphonies, innovations and new trends in the field of arts organizations and non-profits; and
  • Develop the strategy and lead the musician contract negotiations ensuring transparency, timeliness, and creativity through the negotiation process.

Vision, Leadership, and Problem Solving

Another critical element of the position is strong leadership and the ability to anticipate and address problems on a timely basis.

The President and Chief Executive Officer will, among other things:

  • Support, communicate, and advocate for the TSO mission and vision;
  • Create and ensure a strong future for the TSO through strategic planning, community collaboration, and participation;
  • In partnership with the Board, design a multi-year business plan for the future with measurable goals, that can be responsive to changing realities of the environment, locally, regionally and nationally; and
  • Direct the annual implementation, tracking of progress, and revision of this plan.

Maximize Community Connections and Relevance

The TSO’s connection and relevance to its community is vital for its success; a critical element of the position is to be actively engaged throughout the community in advancing the orchestras programs and brand and adapting to community needs.

The President and Chief Executive Officer will, among other things:

  • Lead and manage customer-focused marketing and public relations strategies to increase visibility and community connections and relevance;
  • Assume primary responsibility for external relationships within Tucson and Southern Arizona, including but not limited to municipal government, funding institutions, professional and business organizations, educational institutions, other non-profit organizations and cultural organizations and the community-at-large;
  • Provide regular and persuasive internal and external communications to increase enthusiasm for TSO activities among stakeholders and new audiences; and
  • Serve in partnership with the Board Chair and Music Director as the primary spokesperson in the press and community in advancing TSO’s mission and vision.

Ensure Organizational Efficiency and Effective Staff Management

A primary responsibility of the position is to effectively lead and manage an efficient organization.

The President and Chief Executive Officer will, among other things:

  • Oversee administrative staffing to ensure that the organization is effectively structured and staffed;
  • Provide leadership to staff to ensure maximum effectiveness through coaching, feedback, staff planning, support, and accountability;
  • Actively participate in Board meetings and key committees;
  • Assist and provide appropriate staff support to Board committees in developing and implementing their goals and objectives;
  • Develop strategies to inspire, mobilize and utilize non-board volunteers in support of TSO and its programs; and
  • Provide leadership for the organization to meet standards of excellence in governance, fiscal responsibility, and human relations as outlined by Board Source, and other standard-setting organizations;


The Tucson Symphony Orchestra seeks a President and Chief Executive Officer with the following qualifications, experience, and attributes:

  • A passion for the mission of the American symphony orchestra and its products;
  • Experience in managing an orchestra or other sizeable performing arts non-profits;
  • Proven ability to manage up and down the organization and able to work effectively with the Board of Trustees, Staff, Musicians and Music Director;
  • A demonstrated ability to lead, directly participate in, oversee, and be successful in fundraising, through major gifts cultivation, stewardship and solicitation.
  • An ability to forecast, develop and deliver a balanced budget, develop contingency plans as needed and resolve issues on a timely basis;
  • Excellent communication skills; seeks, encourages and incorporates diverse points of view both inside and outside the organization;
  • A commitment to consistently placing a high value on TSO’s extensive network of internal and external stakeholders with a keen focus on listening to, understanding, and appreciating feedback; and
  • Delivers commitments on a timely basis, holding self and others in the organization accountable for results.

At least eight years of management experience is preferred as is an advanced degree.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

It is the policy of the Tucson Symphony to provide all persons with equal employment opportunities without regard to age, disability, ethnicity, national origin, ancestry, color, race, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, genetic information, military or veteran status, or any characteristic protected by applicable federal, state, or local law. Candidates of ALAANA (African, Latino/a, Asian, Arab, and Native American) communities are encouraged to apply.

League of American Orchestras members, please apply from the League website:

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Non-League members may apply by email, sending a cover letter and resumé:

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