Multiple Violin Positions

by Tucson Symphony

TUCSON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Announces auditions on September 6, 2023 for the following positions:

Section Violin, Multiple Positions

  • Violin I, 9th Chair, Salaried, Permanent, Tenure Track
    149 services guaranteed @$127.25 per = $18,960.25
  • Violin II, 4th Chair, Salaried, Permanent, Tenure Track
    149 services guaranteed @$127.25 per = $18,960.25
  • Violin II, 10th Chair, Per-service, Permanent, Tenure Track
    86 services guaranteed @$127.25 per = $10,943.50

Vacancies created with one year following this audition and/or vacancies created by an advancing member of the TSO may be filled through this same audition.

The Audition Committee of the Tucson Symphony Orchestra reserves the right to dismiss immediately any candidate not meeting the highest professional standards at these auditions. A limited number of highly qualified applicants will be invited for each audition.

Email a BRIEF ONE-PAGE resume by August 23, 2022 to with the subject “violin audition.” Resumes must include applicant name, phone number, email address and instrument. Please attach your resume in PDF or Word formats. You must include your name in the resume file name. Applicants who fail to follow this procedure may not be considered.

Individuals invited to audition will be required to submit a $50 deposit to be refunded upon appearance or upon cancellation within 72 hours of the audition. This deposit must be submitted no later than August 30, 2023.

The Tucson Symphony will post excerpts on the website. Parts will be available at the audition. Each candidate may use his or her own parts for the audition if desired.

All communication will be via email. Please direct questions to

The Tucson Symphony Orchestra is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Winner of audition must be eligible for employment in the US.